Capture Your Grief – Day 6 – Books

Shortly after Elliot was born, I felt compelled to read as much as I could about pregnancy loss, stillbirth, and grief. I received several books from family members. It was so helpful to have those books in the early days, when all I could do was get out of bed, take a shower, and then just sit on the couch all day, reading and looking for answers. I also found myself on the internet in search of other parents who had survived their loss(es). I needed to interact and connect with other moms. I wanted to reach out to other moms to share my story with them. I wanted to hear about their children and experiences. I wanted to know how they managed to get out of bed every day and live their lives. I wanted to know that they too felt gypped by the universe.

I found a large community of moms who were more than willing to share their stories. They welcomed me into their club with open arms, but not because they really wanted me to join them. The fewer moms in this club, the better. They welcomed me because they know how horrible it feels to lose someone and something so precious to you. They know we need each other in order to survive. Many moms have reached out to me after hearing my story from a friend or family member. I immediately felt love and support from these moms.

I have connected with  many wonderful women and I am so grateful for each and every one of them.Thank you for sharing your babies with me and thank you for letting me share mine.


2 thoughts on “Capture Your Grief – Day 6 – Books

  1. Thank you Lori, I am so honoured to be connected with you and Ben ! Love you, Mama, and love Elliot, I keep you both in my heart ♡♡
    Laurie, the mommy of a beautiful angel baby girl, Amma.
    From Bordeaux, SW France.


  2. We librarians call this ” Bibliotherapy”– using books to help you with a problem. I tend to “work” out my problems this way and now people are so fortunate to have social media to find other people to give them advice and solace.


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