Capture Your Grief – Day 7 – Memory

One of the foods I craved while pregnant with Elliot was soft serve twist ice cream. I never really ate it before I was pregnant so I thought it was pretty funny that I loved it all of a sudden. It became a treat for Elliot and me after our prenatal appointments. Ice cream was a reward for having a good appointment. Of course, sometimes we just had to have it on regular days, after work. I remember one specific day I was so happy to get a twist ice cream, I snapped a picture and sent it to Ben. I am so glad I allowed Elliot and myself these kinds of treats. We both really enjoyed the pregnancy because of these moments. I sometimes stop at the same ice cream stand to get a twist for old times’ sake. It always brings me back to my precious time with Elliot….and makes me smile.


4 thoughts on “Capture Your Grief – Day 7 – Memory

  1. Me, too! I love how much you shared with Elliot during your time together….I feel that I cheated your hubby in the womb, poor guy…


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