Capture Your Grief – Day 8 – Wish List

What is my wish list for this grief journey?

My wish is for Elliot to always be remembered.

My wish is to strengthen the bonds with my closest loss mom friends and always remain in each others lives, no matter where this journey takes us.

My wish is to help support grieving parents, whether it’s holding their hands at the hospital as they prepare to say good bye to their precious babies or offering words of comfort online.

My wish is to help educate our society about pregnancy/infant loss, grief, and healing.

My wish is to be kind, forgiving, and nonjudgmental, even to those who have upset me in the past. I want to lift the burden of anger and resentment from my shoulders and heart.

My wish is to be a good mother and wife. My family deserves the best, so that’s what I will give them, my best.

My wish is to honor Elliot’s life by living a full, beautiful life.


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