My Birthday

Thanks for all the birthday love today!

Most people can probably guess what I’ll be wishing for when I blow out my candles tonight – Elliot.

I’ve been thinking a lot about last year and how I wished Elliot would be born on my birthday. This photo was taken on March 21, 2015. We had gone out for an early birthday lunch at Doyle’s in JP to celebrate. The beautiful woman next to me is my sister-in-law, Jessie. She was just as pregnant as me at the time. We decided to take one last baby bump photo. I’m so glad we did. It was the last photo taken of Elliot and me before she passed away. I love this photo for several reasons but mostly because Elliot was still with us.

My beautiful niece Tess was born five days after this photo was taken. And then Elliot was born four days after Tess. I’m lucky to share a birth month with two special girls.

Lori Birthday
I was 40+1 weeks along, tired, and huge (I’m the only one who can make that comment, lol), and I loved every moment.

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