Today, We Celebrate

This weekend marks the one year anniversary of Elliot’s funeral. It took us an entire month after her passing to get up the courage to take that step. One that seemed so final.

The month leading up to Elliot’s funeral was a blur, yet my mind is full of vivid memories that I’ll hold onto for the rest of my life. From discussing the cremation process with the funeral home director to choosing an outfit for Elliot to be laid to rest in.

From anxiously waiting to hear what was happening with Elliot’s perfect little body every step of the way to picking up her cremains from the funeral home. Bringing her home with us was such a relief. I’ll never forget clutching her small wooden urn on the ride home.

On the day of Elliot’s funeral, Ben and I were met with so much love, compassion, and support. The same as always. The priest was wonderful. He brought us so much clarity and comfort. He reminded us that Elliot is okay. She’s in a good place. She’s happy and has never known sadness. She’ll be there waiting for us, and because there is no time on the other side, to her, we’re already together. He also urged us to ask Elliot for strength. I’ve done that every day since.

To mark the one year anniversary of Elliot’s funeral, we’re gathering with our family again to celebrate her beautiful life, both physical and heavenly. Ben and I picked out and planted Elliot’s tree last weekend – a Cherokee Brave Dogwood. Something we’ve been looking forward to for an entire year.

Today, we will dedicate that tree to Elliot. I can’t wait to watch it grow over the years, big and strong just like our family bond.

Cover image credit: All That Love Can Do

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