Almost a Full Year

Another day
Another week
Another month

Almost a full year without you

Another quiet morning at home
Another lunch date for two
Another sleepless night

Almost a full year of silence

Another pregnancy announcement
Another baby shower invitation
Another birth announcement

Almost a full year of constant tears

Another abrupt end to a conversation
Another awkward silence
Another shock-filled stare

Almost a full year of trying to catch my breath

Another glimpse of your beautiful photo
Another smile as I think of our time together
Another feeling of immense pride

Almost a full year of unfulfilled wishes for you to come back to me

Another reminder of how lucky I am to be your mom
Another reminder that our love is endless
Another reminder that one day we will meet again

Almost a full year living between two worlds

So many unanswered questions
So many memories left undone
Too much pain for one heart to carry

How has it been almost a full year since I held you, for the first and last time?

Shared on March 2, 2016