Tomorrow at 9:11pm, I will officially be 34 years old. When I was a teenager, 34 seemed so ancient. It probably seemed ancient when I was in my mid-twenties, too. Thirty-four is still pretty young (I think!), but some days, I feel old. I aged a lot in the year following Elliot’s stillbirth. I was [...]

I’m Ready

I've tried to write a new blog post at least a dozen times since my last update. I've thought about writing every day since then, but I've struggled to find my words. I went into the city today for the second time since Brynn's arrival. The first time was emotional. I felt like I didn't [...]

How are you doing…really?

***Trigger warning - current pregnancy discussed.*** How are you doing...really? This is such a loaded question for any grieving parent, especially a mama pregnant after loss. I had just met with my high risk specialist and was trying to process everything we had talked about when E, my perinatal counselor/unofficial PAL advocate and support person, [...]