As a bereaved mother and blogger, connecting with new people who haven’t walked a similar path creates a renewed sense of vulnerability. Everything I write about here is very personal. That was my intention when I first started writing about Elliot, my grief, and all the significant experiences that have followed. I spent the first [...]

Naming Elliot

I know I've already shared a little of the story behind this album and what it means to us. I listened to it this morning and wanted to share more. The night before the album release date was announced, I dreamed about a little girl. She was about 4-5 years old and had a full [...]

Saying My Piece

Last fall, a blog post written by a grieving mother was shared in the loss community. I haven’t looked at it since it was first shared, so I can’t quote it directly. Basically, it was about sharing pregnancy and birth announcements in pregnancy and infant loss support groups, and how hurtful those announcements can be. [...]

How are you doing…really?

***Trigger warning - current pregnancy discussed.*** How are you doing...really? This is such a loaded question for any grieving parent, especially a mama pregnant after loss. I had just met with my high risk specialist and was trying to process everything we had talked about when E, my perinatal counselor/unofficial PAL advocate and support person, [...]

15 Months

Today, Elliot turns 15 months Heaven. It's so hard to believe it's been 15 months since Ben and I last held our baby girl. It's been 15 months since I kissed her cool cheeks and whispered I love you into her flawless little ears. It's been 15 months since we learned what true perfection looks like. [...]